Help! My bird needs a home!

2015-01-06 19:34 #0 av: Lauree

Hej pa Er,

Sorry this is in English - my Swedish isn't very good.

I have a beautiful Solparakit (sun conure) - the now-grown baby of my mated pair. I have had him since he was laid and hatched. He is now fighting his "daddy" (over "mama"?). I'm afraid one of them will end up dead, so I need to find a home for the "baby." 

I live in Orebro, I have a cage that can go with him. I just need to find somone who knows what they are getting into with a sun conure. 

2015-01-06 19:41 #1 av: annia1

This site is not activ so you will not get so many answers here.

If you go to this link burfåglar and write there, maybe somebody can help you.

Played for a fool!


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